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Findlay Market, Cincinnati Ohio

Take a trip to Findlay Market, Cincinnati's oldest urban market. It's a place for unique foods and good friends.


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  1. Grew up down that way. Brings a old vintage feel about. Love OTR. Can't wait to complete a documentary on Da Nati

  2. I grew goun ther with my grandma she always got her lynch meat i anit never see no ine i knew growing uo down ther my best friend anna may died not far from ther found her in alley broke my ❤ ? vause she was so so beautiful and full of goodness in her ❤

  3. Now i see so many stranger's ive never seen once when i went tger just like Washington park they move ppl bodys some ware ele when they rebuild it agian and yea its better bit the kicked alot of ppl who grew up down ther so tgey cd take over the otr so alot of foreal ppl who grew up downther was rip away from ther home's just to watch them fix it bk up and move alot of them bk in mic micken

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