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Cincinnati Tour – Places you need to see and things to do in Cincinnati

in this Cincinnati tour I show you places mainly based around the big city,mainly for a Saturday or weekend if you're new to the city or looking for things to do in Cincinnati. VR tour


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  1. You're crazy to say that. All kind of interesting places that simply baffle in cinci!! Don't limit people. That's why peeps don't know how awesome cinci is

  2. From cincinnati and i do advise you to venture out just from our downtown region to gain the true experience, we have so much more than just our downtown and this was a very bad visual tour of our city ?? cincinnati is not just a small box we have neighborhoods and attractions, amazing resturants, and so much more come to cincinnati before you take this video as advice ?? Thank You
    Ps.this guy was lazy and has no clue how to give a true in depth tour ?✌

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