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MLB The Show 18 Cincinnati Reds Franchise Ep.51: What's Next for the Reds?

MLB The Show 18 Cincinnati Reds Franchise Ep. 51: A World Series victory over the Houston Astros has us heading into the offseason. In this episode, we take a look at what to do with Billy Hamilton, who the offseason advisors are, and even take a sneak peak at what free agents are available this winter.


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  1. What do you guys think we should do for the offseason?! Post it in the comments below! Also, new upload schedule moving forward (I misspoke in the video) will be once per week on Friday nights. We will be simming a lot more, but gameplay will still happen so don't worry too much. I'd like to start fading this more towards a speed up towards the series end. I'd love to know how our younger guys will shape the Reds in the future!

  2. Hey GoldGlover! Do you have a specific way that you record the games, whether it's Madden or The Show, so you get a close up to it?

  3. I think for the offseason a change in the rotation would help out a lot, back end of the rotation specifically. Also going after a reliever could be a good move.

    I would also look at trade offers from other teams and tweak those offers to fit the teams most important needs.

  4. I'll help a little. Even though I know only a little bit about baseball cause I never played this game before. But I will help tho.

  5. I didn't win the competition. But I'm glad I caught up to these videos that I can be in it! Looking forward to the powerhouse reds!

  6. Sign carlos he may be on the older side but he'll get you through a couple of seasons. Cole would be a awesome signing but hes gonna want a fortune and you dont need to be coughing up that much

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