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President Trump says he’ll sign executive order on payroll taxes, student loans, unemployment

President Donald Trump on Friday said that he is ready to sign an executive order that will offer unemployment supplements, eviction protection, and a payroll tax holiday through the end of the year. Trump said the order could "by the end of the week," and that he has lawyers currently drawing up the order.

The executive order comes as Congress has stalled on negotiations with the White House on another round of stimulus funds. It also remains questionable how some of his edicts will be funded without Congressional authorization.

"You always get sued," Trump said, dismissing concerns that the orders are not legal.

His announcement comes as unemployment remained above 10% in July for the fourth straight month.

Trump did not specify how much the unemployment supplement would be for, but it would be retroactive to the beginning of the month. Previously, a $600 a week supplement for unemployed workers expired on July 31.

Trump announced that his executive order will continue a freeze on federal student loan payments until further notice.

He also said he will continue a moratorium on evictions through the end of the year. And his executive order would implement a payroll tax holiday through Dec. 31.

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