Meet The Enquirer’s Keith Jenkins, providing complete coverage of University of Cincinnati Bearcats

Sports reporter Keith Jenkins works at his desk at Fifth Third Arena, covering the UC Bearcats.

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Keith Jenkins

Position at The Enquirer: Reporter covering athletics at the University of Cincinnati since June 1.

Why I became a journalist

I’ve always loved to write. I remember being at the writing table in kindergarten when all the other kids were playing with blocks or action figures. Also, many people are horrified of public speaking or getting in front of a camera. I am not. Mix that with my love to tell compelling stories and my interest in giving marginalized communities a voice, and you have my shortest possible answer to this question.

What I like best about my job

I’ve been around UC athletics my entire life. I wrote about my history with UC in my introductory column in June. It’s a privilege and a lot of fun to be able to be back in my hometown and spend so much time telling stories on a campus that has been such a huge part of my life.

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