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Cincinnati Enquirer photojournalist Meg Vogel.

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Meet Meg Vogel

Position at The Enquirer: Visual journalist focusing on documentary photography and video storytelling since 2014

Why I became a journalist

I am a curious person. I want to understand people — how they think, feel and move through the world. I became a journalist to tell stories that will hopefully inform, create compassion, and inspire. 

What I like best about my job

My days are spent documenting history, photographing remarkable individuals and learning. Each story I have worked on has taught me something about humanity and has, in turn, shaped me as a photographer and a human. 

A story I worked on that has had a lasting impact on me

 I traveled to the jungles of the Republic of Congo with the Cincinnati Zoo to tell the story of great ape conservation.  I will never forget when a young wild gorilla caught his reflection in my camera lens and stepped towards me. 

What is the biggest challenge I face

As journalists, we witness a lot of sadness and heartbreak.  It’s impossible to leave that in the newsroom. You always carry it with you back home.

What I like to do when I’m not working

I take every opportunity to visit new places around the world but I also love exploring my hometown. You can find me getting lost in the woods (Shawnee Lookout is my current go-to hiking spot), reading with a cup of coffee (Try Sayler Park Coffee) and going on road trips in my car named Doris. 

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