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Journalism matters.

Those two words have been a recurring theme in columns I’ve written this past year as I've appealed to those who value local, independent reporting to support our efforts with a subscription. And people have responded.

The Enquirer is closing in on 30,000 digital subscriptions, adding roughly 4,000 to where we were a year ago. Our total digital audience, which includes non-subscribers, has grown significantly as well: averaged 4.7 million monthly visitors this year. 

Growing our audience during an extremely challenging year is something I don’t take for granted. As our industry continues to evolve in the digital world, we are relying more than ever on subscribers to support our efforts to bring you the news and information that impacts your life. I want to sincerely thank those of you who made this investment in local journalism, whether you are a longtime, home-delivery customer or a new subscriber who uses our smartphone app. 

This week, The Enquirer published a special report that was months in the making: Holding On. The multimedia project, which includes a 49-minute documentary, weaves together intimate, human-focused stories with the goal of helping us better understand the historic and life-changing events of 2020. From the project's introduction:

This year has made us rethink the concept of time. It’s as if we’ve lost days and hours and entire months, as if the year has held time stock-still. But in that time, we’ve grown, dreamed, adapted, suffered, built up, loved, cared, mourned, learned.

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