Joey Votto describes how he matches up in basketball with Amir Garrett

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It’s a question that circulates through the clubhouse from time to  time throughout spring training and the regular season.

Amir Garrett is obviously the best basketball player on the Cincinnati Reds roster. He was a high-profile recruit in high school and played two seasons at St. John’s before he turned his full attention to baseball. But who is the second-best basketball player on the roster?

Joey Votto, left, is always joking with Amir Garrett, and in this case, about basketball. “He can shoot the rock,” Garrett, who played two season of college ball at St. John's,  said of Votto when he was on MLB Network’s “Intentional Talk” show.

One name that comes up as a “sneaky good” player: Joey Votto.

“He can shoot the rock,” Garrett said of Votto when he was on MLB Network’s “Intentional Talk” show. “He can shoot it a little bit and he can jump, too. He can dunk. That’s what is crazy. I tell everybody that he can dunk and they’re like, ‘What?’ I’m telling you, he’s got some game, man.”

So, how does the 6-foot-2 Votto match up against the 6-foot-5 Garrett when they play one-on-one against each other?

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“You know, it’s funny,” Votto said in an interview last week with host Mike Ferrin on MLB Network Radio on SiriusXM. “I’m fine at basketball. I can ride the pine with the best of them. This past year, a few of us snuck to a local gym. We shouldn’t be doing it, but all of us got away uninjured, so knock on wood this never happens. I talked mess to Amir for months, months, months. I mean this is a full scholarship guy to St. John’s, a Division I basketball recruit, right? A big man, fantastic athlete and I kept telling him I was going to beat him one-on-one.

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