Convicted felon arrested wearing stolen Cincinnati police body armor


An East Price Hill man was arrested last week wearing a stolen Cincinnati police ballistic vest, officials said.

Timothy Stuckey, 30, had a loaded Glock 19 pistol in the glove box of the Chevrolet Impala he was driving Wednesday, according to court records.

While police were investigating the weapons violations, officers said they discovered Stuckey was wearing a bullet-resistant vest.

Arrest records state that after running the serial number on the vest, it was discovered the vest had been stolen from the Cincinnati Police Department.

Stuckey was convicted of shooting a man in a West End barbershop in 2012 which resulted in a five-year prison sentence. At that point, he had three prior drug trafficking convictions, prosecutors said.

He was arrested again in 2017 on a heroin trafficking charge. He posted bond, but then fled the charges, but was caught again after a month, court documents state. Later that year, he was convicted on both charges and sentenced to 18 months in prison.

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