CDC guidelines for schools and quarantine due to COVID-19

With the school year now in full swing, teachers, students and parents are dealing with the realities of attending in-person classes in the midst of a pandemic. 

And as cases from the delta variant of COVID-19 continue to climb, it can be difficult to gauge all of the different recommendations and advice for quarantining cases. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued guidance for COVID-19 prevention in K-12 schools this year, including a recommendation that in-person instruction is a "priority" for students this fall. 

COVID-19 in Ohio schools: More districts impose mask mandates, fewer new cases reported

CDC guidance on exposure to COVID-19 in schools

In schools, the CDC recommends screening testing to help identify and isolate cases of COVID-19, quarantine those who may have been exposed and are not fully vaccinated and identify possible clusters to reduce the risk to in-person education. 

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