Who can get the booster shot for COVID-19 and where to get one

COVID-19 booster shots just became an option for several groups of people potentially vulnerable to the virus, and with that, public health officials are gearing up the new demand.

So just what do Cincinnati area public health and other medical providers have planned? And what should you do if you qualify and want a booster? We asked public health and hospital officials.

Should people bring their COVID-19 vaccine card?

Public health officials encourage people who are getting Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 booster shots to bring their vaccine card with them.

Cincinnati Health Department: Yes, bring a vaccination card for verification if at all possible so the department isn't overwhelmed with getting a replacement for every person.

The Health Collaborative: Yes. But if you lost your card, vaccine providers can provide a new one and look you up in state vaccine records. That way everything is on one card.

Ohio Health Department: Yes, please be sure to bring your existing COVID-19 vaccine card to be updated. If you cannot find your vaccine card, you should first contact your original vaccine provider to see if they can locate your records. If they are unable to assist, please contact your local health department. If they are unable to assist, please review this information on how to mail a request for your vaccination records to the Ohio Department of Health. You will not be able to obtain a new vaccine card by request, but will be able to access your vaccination records.

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