10 things from win over Pittsburgh Steelers

Don’t make too much of this, is what BengalFan heard even before the gun sounded. Don’t see 24-10 as some magical wave of the wand. It was just one game against a bruised opponent on a predicted decline.

Excuse me? 

These are the Bengals we’re talking about. Those are the Steelers. If there’s one thing a veteran Men fan understands, it’s to make hay while the sun shines. There is no measured response, no deep chin scratching following a two-TD W in Pittsburgh.

We beat They. Beat? We kicked their aspirations in their house. Hell, yes, we’re going to party like it’s 1988. Never waste a chance to feel good about the local scrappy little 11.     

Without further ado. . .   


1.     To be clear, the Morning Man is not including himself on the We side of things. TML is not a cheerleader. TML roots for TML. But I’m happy for you guys.

2.     I can’t recall the last time The Men played a better, more complete game. Certainly not since the last time they made the playoffs. Their biggest hitch was the 10 penalties and the bad throw Joe Burrow made that was intercepted early on.

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