Officials missed a delay-of-game penalty in the Ravens’ win

Many Cincinnati Bengals fans likely are in agreement with former Bengals quarterback Boomer Esiason in his assessment of a call officials didn't make at the end of the Baltimore Ravens' improbable win against the Detroit Lions.

Justin Tucker's record-breaking, 66-yard field goal gave the Ravens their second win of the season, joining the Bengals and Cleveland Browns among 2-1 AFC North teams. But Esiason argued after the Ravens' finish on CBS that officials should have called a delay-of-game penalty one play earlier against the Ravens before Tucker's kick attempt.

Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker celebrates his winning field goal to defeat the Detroit Lions, 19-17, at Ford Field on Sept.26, 2021 in Detroit.

"That should be delay of the game. I'm sorry. Right? If we're going by the clock," Esiason said on CBS. "That's delay of game. Guys, I'm sorry. That's delay of game. I don't want to take anything away from Justin Tucker. I don't want to take anything away from Lamar Jackson, who made that amazing throw at the end of the game to get them to that point. But to me ... You can clearly see that is longer than the one-second lull that (Bill Cowher) is talking about. To me, this looks like this flag should've been thrown. It should've been delay of game. It should've been five yards against the Baltimore Ravens. And therefore they would've had to run another offensive play. Or the game would've been over."

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