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7-year-old in Buffalo launches hair care line, non-profit organization

BUFFALO, N.Y. — It’s all about hair care at one particular hair salon in Buffalo.

High Klass Hair Salon is where you'll find Christina Bishop, who also started a new​ business this month with her 7-year-old son.

"Our new business venture is Kyle Jackie Hair Care," said Bishop.

And who is Kyle?

"Kyle is my boss. It’s great working for him. He’s an amazing boss," said Christina.

You could say they're pretty close. Kyle Bishop-Winfield is her 7-year-old son.

Kyle Jackie's Hair Care

Kyle Winfield-Bishop and his mother found there were few hair products targeting young boys

“I sell hair care care products for boys only. Because I was tired of using girl products," said Bishop-Winfield.

The pair would go to the store to get hair products for his long braided locks but found everything was pink or girly.

"So I’m like, okay, there’s a need for boys to have products designed for them," said Bishop.

The second-grader helped design the bottles and test the products.

And this business venture doubles as a tribute.

In 2017, Kyle's father passed away from a heart attack at 25 years old.

Kyle and his father

Christina Bishop

Kyle Jr. and his father, Kyle

"Before he passed, he would always talk about how much he loves Kyle’s hair, so it was a thing, I was like I’m never gonna cut his hair," said Bishop.

That’s the inspiration behind his non-profit, Kyle’s Gifts from Heaven. Some of the money made from products goes to buy gifts for other children who have lost parents.

"Each year, we gift children some of the specific gifts on their Christmas list from their parents in heaven," said Bishop.

Kyle's Gifts from Heaven benefits other kids who've lost a parent

Kyle's Gifts from Heaven

Kyle's Gifts from Heaven benefits other kids who've lost a parent

This way, his dad stays involved in his progress. He's even immortalized on the label of his non-profit.

This pair hopes the all-natural products instill confidence in boys everywhere, including Kyle.

"It’s a more enjoyable experience. He enjoys getting his hair done because it’s his products, it’s for boys, and he created it," said Bishop.

Those products do say for boys only, but they’ve had adults, girls, and all kinds of people buy and use the products.

You can check out the whole range by clicking here.

Taylor Epps at WKBW first reported this story.

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