Hamilton County Republicans endorse charter amendment

Cincinnati City Hall photographed on Wednesday, June 23, 2021.

Issue 3 has found its first big supporter, the Hamilton County Republican Party.

The Hamilton County Republican Party Wednesday night voted to endorse the sweeping Cincinnati charter amendment proposed by state Rep. Tom Brinkman, a Republican from Mount Lookout. 

The vote was unanimous. 

The amendment would make eight separate changes to the charter, including lowering council members' pay and allowing for the recall of the mayor. 

Several city council members, Mayor John Cranley, the two mayoral candidates looking to replace him and other political groups have opposed the amendment. The Cincinnati Democratic Committee on Saturday voted to oppose it. A few days later, the Charter Committee came out against it

But on Wednesday, Issue 3 found a home with the Republicans. 

"The chaos and corruption that has overwhelmed city hall requires a strong response," said Hamilton County GOP Chairman Alex Triantafilou in a text message Wednesday night. "This is just such a reform initiative. The politicians will not act. The voters must."

Cranley earlier called the amendment "a Republican effort to take over the city."

The Charter Committee president Darrick Dansby said the amendment's authors didn't seek public input, a charge Brinkman denied. 

Triantafilou, prior to Wednesday's vote, said he approved of at least one provision of the amendment: cutting the pay for city council members. 

Hamilton County Chairman of the Republican Party, Alex Triantafilou speaks to a crowd at Linnie's Pub in Delhi Township during President Biden's CNN Townhall, taking place nearby at Mount St. Joseph University.

"I am in favor of the pay cut, I’ll go on record for that," he said. "It's a city manager form of government. You have people making it their full-time job. They ought to let city manager operate the government."

Voters won't be able to pick or choose individual pieces; they'll have to vote 'yes' or 'no' on the entire package. 

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