Cincinnati Zoo’s baby red panda has a name: Shenmi

The zoo announced Monday they have named the newest baby red panda Shenmi, which is Chinese for "mystery." Shenmi was born July 16.

One of the newest inhabitants at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden finally has a name. 

On Monday, the zoo announced the name and gender of the red panda cub born earlier this summer. She's a girl, and her name is Shenmi, or "Mimi" for short. 

Shenmi's name translates from Chinese and means mystery. 

The zoo held a poll on its website to help name the red panda, and Shemni was the winning choice. 

She was born July 16 to mother Lin, though the zoo didn't announce her birth until the end of the month. Shenmi's birth was a little unexpected, as Lin had been previously pregnant but lost the first pregnancy earlier in 2021. 

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After she lost her first pregnancy, Lin's later weight gain was initially attributed to her diet of cicadas and mulberries. 

Shenmi and Lin spent most of their time in the nest box after her birth. The zoo said Shenmi will begin exploring the outdoor yard sometime next month. 

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That face! How cute is that? Lucas was born June 23, 2020, and already, his head is bigger than his mom, Lin. These red pandas can be found next to Children's Zoo at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. Some people think red pandas look like a fire fox or a Himalayan raccoon, but they are in a family of their own. In the wild, they spend most of their time in the trees, munching on bamboo. They can jump from branch to branch, clearing 5 feet in a single leap. Red pandas are a species at risk, as are the bamboo forests where they live. April 16, 2021.

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