ICU beds at 101% of capacity in Cincinnati region hospitals

The 513 intensive care beds in the Cincinnati region's hospitals are full, with COVID-19 patients now making up roughly 1 in 3 ICU patients. That's near the upper range of the level that health officials describe as "critical operations, 'all hands on deck', greatest good provided to the greatest number of patients."

The problem for the 40 hospitals isn't limited to pressure on the number of beds and other facilities, but the strain that having so many critically ill patients puts on hospital workers. More than 100 COVID-19 patients in the hospitals are on ventilators, each one needing a worker to monitor and operate that ventilator.

The information about hospital bed space comes from the Health Collaborative, a coalition of the six hospital systems in the Cincinnati area. The ICU crunch comes as pandemic cases in the region are at their highest levels since late January, according to data from the Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 tracking project. See a chart of rates of new COVID-19 cases in the last seven days by county at the end of this story.

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