COVID-19, critical race theory bring surge in school board candidates

There are 119 candidates running for school board spots in Hamilton County this year – more candidates than the county has seen in over two decades. 

Most of these candidates are new, as many districts only have one incumbent running for reelection this year. 

In two districts, Oak Hills School District and Lebanon City School district, there are no incumbents seeking reelection.

The Enquirer looked at the total number of candidates running for school board seats since 2001. That's how far back the results archive goes on the Hamilton County Board of Elections' website. The second-highest number of candidates in that time frame was in 2005, when 107 ran for school board seats across the county.

Another 49 school board candidates are on the ballot in Butler County, 47 in Warren County and 47 in Clermont County.

That makes for a total of 262 candidates running for local school boards this November.

Some districts still do not have as many candidates as there are open seats. In those cases, school districts will be responsible for filling those positions. Most district policies require the new board to vote to fill any vacancies.

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