Burrow gives cigar photo details from LSU’s national championship win

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow joined Joel Klatt and Reggie Bush on Monday night for FOX Sports' National Championship Watch Party, and told the story behind the cigar he smoked as he celebrated LSU's national title and win against Clemson about one year ago.

LSU quarterback Joe Burrow smokes a cigar after defeating Clemson in the national championship game on Jan. 13.

"They were handing them out in the locker room, and K.J. Malone - who is the son of (former NBA great) Karl Malone - they have a cigar company," Burrow said. "So K.J. had a bunch of cigars passing them out - he was an assistant strength coach for us. So he was passing them out to everybody, and mine was about halfway gone when they said it's time to do media, and I didn't really want to give it up. So then we went into the little loading area before the press conference, and that's where that picture was taken on a couch right in the little waiting area to go out on stage."

Burrow added that he has the photo in his basement.

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