8 charged in Boone County schools

Boone County Schools reports that a TikTok trend has resulted in eight juveniles charged, and now a principal there is trying to fight viral with viral.

The TikTok challenge, called the "devious licks," encourages students to steal or destroy school property and post it, the district said. It's causing daily disruptions prompting the school to warn parents it is taking a zero-tolerance approach.

In response to the national trend, TikTok said it working to remove content like this from its platform and redirect users to its community guidelines.

The Boone County Sheriff's Office reported Friday that eight juveniles from schools throughout the district have been charged in offenses related to the trend. Four face vandalism charges and four face theft charges.

This comes on the heels of schools reporting students barking and growling at each other in disrespectful ways.

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