Cincinnati struggles with low vaccination rates in key neighborhoods

Cincinnati Fire Department's Falencia Frazier, Cincinnati Health Department nurse Kemi Goode-Mayo and Nursing Director Virginia 'Jenny' Scott check out where to go this summer on a neighborhood education partnership for fire prevention and the COVID-19 vaccine.

William West III, president of the Cincinnati African American Firefighters Association, wears his COVID-19 vaccination card laminated and hanging on a lanyard around his neck when he’s out with city health nurses to spread education about the vaccine.

“I tell people, 'Please do your part to avoid the spread and avoid more deaths. Ask your personal physician, or someone you have trust in (about the vaccine).' We need all the tools in the toolbox,” West said.

They’ve gone door to door, held community meetings, led focus groups, and visited churches and libraries in the last several months – all as a way of familiarizing uncertain neighbors with information about and access to the COVID-19 vaccine.

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