Cincinnati is a city of firsts besides Red Stockings

Sometimes we hear things so frequently that we forget their importance, or take them at face value and leave it there. Cincinnatians have hung their caps for years on the fact that the Reds are the oldest professional baseball team, established in 1869.

It’s given us a bit of a chip on our collective shoulder, not to mention a universal sneer toward those teams that now start “before” Opening Day. Because those of us who call this area home can agree: baseball starts – when it starts in Cincinnati.

A mural inside Great American Ball Park shows the 1869 Cincinnati Reds.

But the beginnings of baseball got me thinking: how many other things started here? What other history has been made? The Reds may be the most famous first, but there are plenty more.

The team actually had a couple more firsts: including the first night game (1935) and the first televised game (1939, against the Brooklyn Dodgers). It also featured one of Cincinnati’s iconic products, P&G’s Ivory soap, as one of the first ever televised commercials.

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