I don’t feel qualified to speak on matters of race

Martin Luther King delivers his 'I have a dream' speech in Washington.

Empathy and kindness isn’t the very best we can do on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. But it’s a very good start.          

I’m uncomfortable speaking on matters of race. Not because I’m a white guy who lives in a white neighborhood and whose daily contact with people of color is limited. We’ve lived in racially mixed neighborhoods where I felt the same way.

It’s because I don’t feel qualified. I spend a lot of time telling coaches how to do their jobs, but not how to live their lives. The former is business, the latter is personal, and who am I?

I applauded the peaceful demonstrators last summer, protesting the deaths of George Floyd and others. I didn’t judge anyone who did or didn’t take part. Last Wednesday was sad and inexcusable, yet I feel strongly we need to understand what motivated those folks, not just demand they be punished.          

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