Meet Lisa Zane, Freddy Krueger’s daughter, at HorrorHound Weekend

Lisa Zane will make an appearance at the HorrorHound Weekend in Sharonville.

Finding out as an adult that you were adopted can be hard enough. But finding out that you were adopted and Freddy Krueger is your biological father would be devastating. In the 1991 horror film, “Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare,” Lisa Zane played Dr. Maggie Burroughs, who learned that Freddy Krueger was her father during one of his murder sprees.

Not only did Burroughs accept reality, but she became the hero of the film when she pulled Krueger out of the dream world and killed him in the real world. You can meet Lisa Zane, aka Freddy’s daughter, at the HorrorHound Weekend convention at Sharonville Convention Center Sept. 10-12.

Lisa Zane was born and raised in Chicago to Greek parents. Her original last name was Zanetakos. She is Billy Zane’s ("Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight," "Titanic") older sister, and convention-goers can meet him at HorrorHound Weekend, too. Lisa studied drama at Vassar College in New York and speaks English, Greek, Italian and French. She sings in Spanish but does not speak it. She is an actress, a singer and a songwriter.

How did she get to play Freddy Krueger’s daughter?

“It was offered to me. They knocked on my door and said, ‘do you want to play this?’ And I read it and I thought that sounds awfully cool to actually kill Freddy. Is that in my contract? I am killing him, for real? And I am his daughter, too?” Lisa Zane said.

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