Listermann Brewing Company celebrates 13 years with special beers

Listermann Brewing Company's special releases for its 13th anniversary.

The number 13 is evocative. To some, it’s unlucky; if you take a ride on an older elevator, 13 will be conspicuous by its absence. In other cultures, such as ancient Norse and Celtic peoples, 13 is considered lucky. 

But the significance of 13 goes even further back than that. The ancient Egyptians believed there were 13 steps on the ladder that leads to the afterlife, while ancient secret societies and alchemists associated 13 with the cycle of life, death and rebirth. 

I bring all of that up because Listermann Brewing Company will celebrate its 13th anniversary Saturday, Sept. 18, with two sessions of tastings and this year’s crop of anniversary bottle releases. 

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And make no mistake, Listermann is a company undergoing a transformation. The brewery lost several tremendously talented brewers to competitors in the second quarter of this year. Rebirth is a top to-do list item for Listermann as it enters its 14th year. 

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