Hospital tries to block use for COVID.

HAMILTON, Ohio – Lawyers for UC Health are invoking a recent Ohio law, giving health care providers the "freedom to decline" any service that violates their conscience, in a legal battle over a suburban Cincinnati man who is being treated with the controversial drug ivermectin.

A Butler County judge said he will rule before Monday on whether to keep or overturn another court's decision forcing West Chester Hospital to treat a man's novel coronavirus infection with the drug. Common Pleas Court Judge Michael A. Oster Jr. Friday morning modified the existing order against UC Health, allowing the hospital to cease treatment of Jeffrey Smith if a "potentially life-threatening side effect does develop."

Oster said from the bench: “I often sit in a courtroom and there’s sometimes a good guy and a bad guy, I think this case is difficult because there’s a lot of good competing rights.” He went on to say: “I wish Mr. Smith (who is on a ventilator and sedated) all the best. I truly do. I wish he would wake up right now."

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