Ohio will give COVID-19 shots to non-residents, but the number isn’t big

Don Pelfrey receives a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine from licensed practical nurse Tami Arnold at Atrium Medical Center in Middletown, Ohio. Some out-of-state residents are getting vaccines in Ohio and vice versa.

COLUMBUS – As Florida limits COVID-19 vaccines to full-time residents and some snowbirds, Ohio and its neighboring states have no such restrictions. 

Ohio has no residency requirement to receive a shot here. In fact, about 17,000 people who live in other states have received a COVID-19 vaccine in Ohio so far, according to Ohio Department of Health data. They represent 2.7% of all COVID-19 vaccines started in the state. 

Most of those recipients were doctors, nursing home workers and first responders who work in Ohio but live in neighboring states, Gov. Mike DeWine said when asked about cross-state vaccinations.

“Some of this is just natural, organic. It’s just going to happen," DeWine said. 

Neighboring states have similar rules. West Virginia and Indiana will vaccinate those who work in their states even if they don't live there, according to state health departments. 

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