MLS players, owners vote to ratify amended CBA

Weeks of collective bargaining agreement (CBA) talks between Major League Soccer and its players union finally gave way on Monday to a labor peace that will allow the 2021 season to go forward.

MLS and the MLS Players Association on Monday voted to ratify the amendments to the CBA. The result is that MLS clubs will proceed with preparations for the start of preseason camp on Feb. 22 and the April 3 opening day of the regular season.

"Major League Soccer and the Major League Soccer Players Association today finalized a new Collective Bargaining Agreement," league officials wrote in a statement. "The agreement, covering the next seven years from 2021 through 2027, has been ratified by the MLS Board of Governors and the membership of the MLSPA. "MLS and the MLSPA and players worked together to address the major impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the League in 2021 and beyond."

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