Paul Daugherty column on new Cincinnati Reds announcer John Sadak

New Cincinnati Reds broadcaster John Sadak started his career as a logger, and that has nothing to do with chainsaws, flannel shirts or brawny paper towels. It does explain John Sadak.

I’d never heard of logging. I asked Marty Brennaman and he’d never heard of it. Dan Hoard had passing knowledge, after I’d explained to him what it was. John Sadak loved logging. In 2003, Sadak the recent college graduate went to work for the New York Yankees. He watched Yankees games at the Stadium and put them on videotape.

John Sadak:New television play-by-play announcer for Fox Sports Ohio and the Reds

“I had access to home and road TV and radio calls," Sadak explained Monday. “I’d have one in my left ear and one in my right. I’d write down every moment and rate it, one to five stars."

Cincinnati Reds television play-by-play announcer John Sadak.

This can be highly useful to any broadcaster who needs quick access to a single moment from a ballgame that might have occurred years ago. They love it, partly because they don’t have to do it. As jobs go, logging is right up there with intern and guy-who-fetches-takeout.

The Yankees paid Sadak $75 a game. After he’d paid his New Jersey Turnpike tolls, his fee to cross the George Washington Bridge from Jersey to Manhattan and his parking within the same area code as the stadium, Sadak was tapped. Tapped?

“I lost money," he said.

He lived at home with his parents. He drove a 17-year-old car with “well over’’ 200,000 miles on it. On game nights, he spent $2 on dinner, which was a hot dog in the stadium pressbox. Did we mention he loved it?

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