Podcast seeks people to share memories of West End

“West End Stories Project” is a podcast from the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County that records oral history from people who lived in the West End neighborhood.

“I’ve never ever been ashamed to say I lived in the West End. I’ve always been very proud of it.”

Those are the words of Tawanda Johnson that start off an episode of the “West End Stories Project,” a new podcast produced by the Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library. 

The podcast shares oral histories of individuals who lived in West End in the second half of the 20th century. The predominately Black neighborhood has gone through many rounds of change. Recently, the construction of the new West End Stadium for FC Cincinnati has been at the cost of old buildings and residences as well as the historic Revelation Baptist Church.

“With so many changes happening again in Cincinnati’s West End, we have to preserve the residents’ stories,” said Keloni Parks, podcast host and manager of the West End branch library. “There are so many African Americans in Cincinnati who are tied to the West End in some way, including my family, and it’s imperative that these stories are collected before they’re lost.”

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