He was Eddie Van Halen’s guitar tech, now he’s trying to save his home

Professional guitar technician Tom Weber. (Provided)

Last February, Tom Weber was in Nashville working on Reba McEntire’s tour rehearsal. It was the start of what was to be a big year for him.

A guitar technician who makes his living on the road, Weber was scheduled to tour with the country star until the end of May. He’d then fly to Los Angeles for tour rehearsals with Poison, the support act on the Motley Crue-Def Leppard tour. When that tour ended, he would rejoin McEntire and also fill in some schedule gaps on smaller tours, giving him work up until Christmas.

“It was going to be one of those years where my family wasn’t going to see me, but it was going to be a $200,000 year. And I thought, 'This will allow me to pay off my house. It’s going to be amazing,' ” Weber said. “And of course it went from a banner year to zero income overnight.”

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