Disneyland opened with live TV special

Walt Disney, founder of the Disney empire sits at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

Today is July 17. On this date in:


Spain ceded Florida to the United States.


During the Civil War, Congress approved the Second Confiscation Act, which declared that all slaves taking refuge behind Union lines were to be set free.


Bolsheviks executed Russia’s Czar Nicholas II and his family.

Chester Park


Cincinnati’s Chester Park amusement park on Spring Grove Avenue had its last day.


The Spanish Civil War began as right-wing army generals launched a coup attempt against the Second Spanish Republic.


Yankees great Joe DiMaggio ended his 56-game hitting streak, going hitless against the Cleveland Indians. (His hit streak record still stands.) 

Joe DiMaggio lines a single to left field in the second game of a doubleheader at Washington, in this June 29, 1941 photo, to set a record for hitting safely in 42 consecutive games. The streak would reach 56 games.


During World War II, 320 men, two-thirds of them African-Americans, were killed when a pair of ammunition ships exploded at Port Chicago Naval Magazine,California.


Following Nazi Germany’s surrender, President Harry S. Truman, Soviet leader Josef Stalin and British Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill began meeting at Potsdam in the final Allied summit of World War II.


The two-day inaugural Newport Jazz Festival, billed as “The First American Jazz Festival,” opened in Rhode Island.


Disneyland had its opening day in Anaheim, California, covered by a 90-minute live television special on ABC.

Our history: Locals had hand in making Disneyland a reality

Singer Billie Holiday performs with a jazz band, standing beside a xylophone, New York City.


Singer Billie Holiday died in New York at age 44.


Baseball Hall-of-Famer Ty Cobb died in Atlanta at age 74.


An Apollo spaceship docked with a Soyuz spacecraft in orbit in the first superpower link-up of its kind.


A pair of suspended walkways above the lobby of the Kansas City Hyatt Regency Hotel collapsed during a tea dance, killing 114 people.

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