Burrow’s poise, leadership qualities make him great

Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Mike Daniels has seen a lot in his nine seasons in the National Football League. So his effusive praise of teammate and quarterback Joe Burrow during Daniels' appearance on NFL Network's Good Morning Football carries weight.

Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Mike Daniels (76) tackles Los Angeles Chargers running back Justin Jackson (22) in the first quarter during a Week 1 NFL football game against the Los Angeles Chargers, Sunday, Sept. 13, 2020, at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati.

"He's gonna be one of the great ones," Daniels said of Burrow. "He's got the poise. Everybody can play football. Everybody can throw, everybody can run. It's the NFL. We're all talented, right? But he's got poise, man. He's already got leadership qualities. When I walked into the locker room, I saw a guy who already knew that he had the organization on his back. And he was willing to carry it. He said, 'My legs are strong enough. Let me run with them.' I like that. I respect that. ... (His ceiling's) as high as he wants it to be. I see it being pretty dang high. The guy was like a four-year vet last year. He's gonna be like a six-year vet this year, man. ... He's got a lot of intangibles, man. The kid - he comes to work every day. ... He keeps his head down. He's got his nose in his playbook. He's a leader. He rallies the troops. He takes control of the offense. He's a field general. As you see (Tom) Brady do quite often, he goes to his defense - he gets those guys going. He tells the guys, 'I need the ball back. Get me the ball back. I'm gonna score.' He's everything that you want in a franchise quarterback."

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