Graeter’s Ice Cream’s new bonus flavor is Cherry Cheesecake

Graeter’s Ice Cream has released its fourth summer bonus flavor - Cherry Cheesecake.

Graeter’s Ice Cream has released another new bonus flavor and this one should pair well with summer events.

Cherry Cheesecake is an "indulgent" combination of cheesecake ice cream loaded with tart cherries and crunchy graham cracker pieces, officials said. 

This year, six Bonus Flavors will be released. Each Bonus Flavor is considered a “Limited Time Only” flavor, and once the flavor is gone from scoop shops and online, the flavor is retired for the year.

Bonus flavors are announced every 2 to 3 weeks, with the last announcement on Aug. 9.

This year's bonus flavors so far have been Midnight Snack, which was a malt ice cream and a mix of peanut butter cups, chocolate-covered pretzels and brownie pieces; Pralines & Cream; and Black Raspberry Cookies & Cream. 

Graeter’s is also offering two fruity seasonal flavors in July – Strawberry Sorbet and Peach ice cream.

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