Hamilton police and fire crews rescue man who drove his car into river

What appeared to be a mannequin standing on the roof of a car nearly submerged in the Great Miami River on Thursday turned out to be a motorist who authorities say they are still investigating how he ended up there.

Hamilton Police Chief Craig Bucheit tweeted about the incident and released a photo at of the scene.

"Hamilton police and fire units responded to a report of a car in the river. They were able to safely rescue the lone occupant who was stranded on the roof. Plans to recover the vehicle are being made. The incident remains under investigation," Bucheit tweeted.

Hamilton Fire Chief, Mark Mercer, added, "there are not a lot of details, but there were no injuries, and we did assist the driver from the vehicle."

Hamilton resident, Kara Bray, saw Bucheit's tweet and said the stranded motorist "looked like a mannequin standing on top of his car."

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