Local schools can teach race and fight racism, no politicians needed

As educators wrap up the 2020-21 school year and prepare for a “new normal” this fall, one of the tasks on deck is curriculum planning. In talking to school leaders around the country, I've heard many concerns regarding state legislatures deciding how individual schools teach students about race and racism in American history and train educators on diversity, equity and inclusion. The National Association of Secondary School Principals believes that those in the schools – educators and school leaders – should make curriculum and professional development decisions, not those in state or federal Capitol buildings.

Local control is the heart of the U.S. education system at the primary and secondary levels. Communities within one state vary widely, as do their needs and priorities. That’s whyour education system prioritizes school decision-making at the local level. Of course, there are standards and benchmarks that apply to all schools when it comes to curriculum. Significant and specific commonalities, such as subjects taught and concepts covered, exist for good reason.

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