Javier Báez, Jessie Bates, Creighton penalties and more

Good morning! It's Moving Day for Doc, and I'll keep this Guest Line relatively short and sweet as a complement to the latest edition of Cincinnati sports can't-miss because I'm running on fumes after spending half the night helping my son prepare for a month-long trip abroad. One thing I (naively) didn't realize before early this morning is that people who have been vaccinated long enough that they haven't had to wear a mask recently at a lot of places do have to go back to wearing one at the airport. I had to borrow one that my son was bringing with him. Heads-up if you haven't flown or brought an unaccompanied minor to the airport in a while.

Javier Baez lost track of outs while running the bases in the Cubs' loss to Cleveland.

As a Reds fan, were you feeling any Javier Báez schadenfreude when he forgot how many outs there were and got doubled up Monday during the Chicago Cubs' 4-0 loss to Cleveland at Wrigley Field?

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