Harmful prank orders force changes at Asian restaurant in Clifton Heights

Owners of the Tea ’n’ Bowl in Clifton Heights say a prank in which someone ordered large amounts of food and didn't pay or pick it up  forced changes at the Asian restaurant.

CINCINNATI (FOX19) –  A Clifton Heights restaurant specializing in Asian food and bubble tea says they’ve lost hundreds of dollars in the last week alone on prank orders.

Yvonne Chew and her family hav run Tea ’n’ Bowl, on West McMillan Street since 2013. Chew says they’re no stranger to fake orders, but the recent uptick has been troubling.

A Facebook post detailing a particularly large prank order went viral across the city late Sunday.

“These people just call to Asian restaurants to make huge fake order and not picked up,” the post reads in part. “When you call back on the number shown on the caller ID and they laugh and said that they never order and it was a wrong number. One of them, even tell me that they don’t eat dogs.

“I’m so mad, why people have to do this.”

Chew says the family is out $350 from four prank orders in the last week.

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