This crumpet recipe makes it easy to show off your breakfast skills

Toasted, buttered crumpets and a cup of tea are a great way to start the day.

Everyone has a favorite comfort food. Maybe it's something from your childhood or a dish that brings back fond memories of time spent with family or friends. For immigrants, it might be food they took for granted in their homeland that isn't readily available in their new country. My husband falls into the latter category. Prior to the pandemic halting international travel, he regularly traveled to England and was able to enjoy foods he had grown up with but couldn't get stateside. When he wistfully mentioned a longing for crumpets recently, I decided it was time to revisit these delicious little spongy griddle cakes.

Crumpets are traditionally eaten for breakfast or as a teatime treat throughout the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. They are about the same size as the American-invented English muffin, but whereas muffins are bread-like discs that are split in half to toast, crumpets are cooked on one side only, leaving the sponge-like tops full of distinctive nooks and crannies. Crumpets are far less time-consuming to make from scratch than English muffins, and they are much more fun to watch as they cook, due to the mesmerizing bubbles that form and pop on the surface.

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