City leader calls anti-abortion ordinance ‘waste of paper’

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'Passing an ordinance would be a waste of paper' Edgewood City Council emails about abortion clinic ordinance 

In May, Lebanon became the first city in Ohio to ban abortions.  

When local cities pass new legislation, especially on polarizing social issues, I wonder who’s going to do it next. So, I’ve been on the lookout to see if any Northern Kentucky cities are going to try to outlaw abortions locally.

I read a River City News article about Mike Thelen, 56, of Edgewood, who asked council at its May 17 meeting to outlaw abortion just like Lebanon did.

I sent the city of Edgewood a records request and asked for emails city officials sent to each other that mentioned abortion. I wanted the emails so I could see what city leaders said about Thelen’s request.

Mike Thelen, 56, of Edgewood sits in front of Edgewood City Council on June 7, 2021. Thelen wants city leaders to ban abortions. City officials tabled the discussion.

A few days after Edgewood voted to table discussions about outlawing abortion clinics, I got the emails back. They included an official from the Diocese of Covington emailing a councilmember, and discussions about Roe v. Wade and zoning issues related to abortion clinics.

On May 25, Jamie Schroeder, a Chancellor at Diocese of Covington based in Covington, emailed Edgewood Councilman Dale Henson, who is the chief financial officer for the diocese. Schroeder is on the team that assists the Bishop in the "pastoral and administrative" governance of the Diocese of Covington, according to the group's website.

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