How Cincinnati’s hospitals heeded one leader’s call to collaborate

Michael Fisher, president of Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, speaks at a March 2020 press briefing as the region's hospitals realized that they had to band together to get the Cincinnati region through the new coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Richard Lofgren remembered the meeting, early on as the crisis bore down, when the leaders of the Cincinnati area's hospitals each presented plans for how each would address the novel coronavirus. They were solid plans, even elegant. They had plenty of plans.

Then Michael Fisher spoke. Words from the president of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center always carried extra weight, but Fisher's recommendation had not been done before. Break down walls, and unify, with one plan. Now.

"He asked us to do better. It was a fateful moment,” said Lofgren, president and chief executive officer of UC Health. “We needed to work together as collaborators.”  

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