Sister of former Ohio DI state wrestling champs to compete in Mexico

KENWOOD - A little more than 11 years ago, a young girl held on to a pair of brothers who had just won Ohio state high school wrestling titles at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus. Two other brothers and a sister joined the celebratory photo. 

Chaz Gresham of Goshen and Joey Ward of Moeller would go on to win state titles again a year later with Chaz moving on to Ohio University and Joey to North Carolina where he was an All-American.

Younger brothers Jacoby and Jordan also wrestled at Moeller and became state placers before moving onto the U.S. Air Force Academy and North Carolina, respectively.  Jordan has since transferred to Wyoming. 

The young girl in the center of the photo is now the center attraction of the family. 

Now 12 years old and after a stint with gymnastics, Camryn Gresham has decided to follow in her brothers' footsteps. While those may be big wrestling shoes to fill, the pre-teen is marching through opponents like Sasquatch, despite competing at 33 kg which is slightly less than 73 pounds.

From 2011 at Ohio State's Schottenstein Center State Division II wrestling champ Chaz Gresham (189) from Goshen (on left) with Division I champ (125) Joey Ward (right) from Moeller. Gresham and Ward are stepbrothers. Far left is Chaz's sister Madisen; middle is Joey's brother, Jordan; far right is Joey's brother Jacoby. In the middle is everyone's sister, Camryn.

Gresham has done more than compete. She just returned from Irving, Texas, where she competed with Team USA wrestling in the 15U U.S. Women's Nationals. At 12, she made the age limit by just three days. Amazingly, she's only been training as a wrestler for just over two years. 

Grappling with older girls, Gresham won her 33 kg division and thus will be a part of the 2021 Pan American team that will travel to Mexico City in late October. It's her first international event. 

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