Injury updates, recruiting, style of play

Xavier guard Nate Johnson (10) drives to the basket against Eastern Kentucky, Monday, Nov. 30, 2020.

The sun never truly sets on college basketball. Games may have ended and the new season may be months away but the work and the preparation never really cease.

For Travis Steele, who's headed into his fourth season as the men's basketball coach at Xavier University, he's already thinking about personnel and how the Musketeers might look and play in 2021-22.

Steele only has a partial idea right now because his full team isn't assembled under the same roof yet.

Once incoming freshmen Elijah Tucker and Cesare Edwards arrive, and Iowa transfer Jack Nunge gets on campus, the picture will start to become more clear.

"Until we see them all here live, that will give us a better feel," Steele told The Enquirer this week. "My hopes are we're gonna try to play at a good pace on the offensive end. We're going to share the basketball; we're going to pass the heck out of it. We're going to try to space the floor as best as we possibly can and then I think we're gonna be a lot bigger.

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