Eugenio Suárez homered as the Cincinnati Reds beat the Pirates

PITTSBURGH –– Before the top of the seventh inning on Monday, Cincinnati Reds left fielder Jesse Winker told outfielders Tyler Naquin and Nick Castellanos to get one more hit in their last at-bat.

At that point, the Reds had an eight-run lead over the Pittsburgh Pirates, but Winker wanted more. After Winker started the inning with a double, Castellanos moved Winker over and Naquin knocked him in with a three-run home run.

“(Winker) had a little omen he was throwing out there,” Naquin said. “It worked.”

The Reds beat the Pirates 14-1, and Cincinnati added six more runs after Winker told the other outfielders to keep their foot on the gas.

The entire game, the Reds offense looked like it did during their historic start to the season.

Tyler Naquin's three-run home run helped the Reds break the game open.

“In those games where they’re kind of a blowout, it’s easy to kind of maybe ease off the gas or maybe give an at-bat away here or there, just because the game is somewhat out of hand,” catcher Tucker Barnhart said. “To be able to kind of add on and put good at-bats together says a lot about our team.”

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