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UNDISPUTED | Shannon goes crazy Pittsburgh Steelers fall to Cincinnati Bengals 27-17

UNDISPUTED | Shannon goes crazy Pittsburgh Steelers fall to Cincinnati Bengals 27-17.


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  1. Tomlin fault , he said there was nothing wrong with juju dancing , he saud on a press conference he was not gonna say anything to juju thats the way ab was an tomlin let it get that way

  2. (My reaction when watching the game)The Bengals are Wooping t he Steelers!? 16-0 in 2nd quarter woooow! 1st the Giants beat Seahawks, then Jet win 1st game against rams…. the Dolphins eliminate the Patriots from play offs 1st time since 2008…. and now The Bengals might help knock out the Steelers from playoffs… because I cant see them beating browns after this embarrassing loss if they loose…. but it ain't over till the 4th quarter so let me not get too excited… wow…. if they end 11-4 they will be lucky…. but 11-5 is UNACCEPTABLE after being undefeated….smh

  3. "Juju hasn't had 100 yard recieving game since AB left."

    ? Wtf! Really?? And he has the gawl to stand out on other team's logos and do stupid videos?? What an idiot.

  4. The entire blame goes on Ben. See how skip tryn make excuses for YT qb and shift blame onto black receiver… Juju dancing on the bengals logo is not why the Steelers lost ?? Big Be. Playing Duck Hodges is the reason they lost… they can’t help but make excuses for These whyte qbs who play bad

  5. Daniel Jones, Jeff Driskel, Deshaun Watson(before fired coach), Carson Wentz (bust), Baker Mayfield, (bad Baker), Ryan Tannehill (miss field goal), Lamar Jackson (2 int.), Garrett Gilbert, Joe Burrow (rookie), Jake Lutton, Robert Griffin, Josh Allen, and Ryan Finley. These are the QBs that Mike coach against this year…folks this why the Steelers went 11-0. they played a lot of backup QBs and bad QBs performances. They also, struggled in many of those games. Like Terry Bradshaw said "Mike Tomlin is winning football games, but at the same time, Superbowls are disappearing."

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