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Kyle Brandt HEATED Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals: Big Ben & PIT still can win Super Bowl

Kyle Brandt HEATED Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals: Big Ben & PIT still can win Super Bowl.


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  1. Keep dreaming guys…. ain't happening in the playoffs (forget the SB). I don't think Steelers would even get a chance to play the Chiefs. They "may" win a game but no more than that come playoffs.

  2. Pittsburgh is done. They showed they were paper when they lost to the Redskins. (yeah I said it)
    They will be one and done in the playoffs.
    I have said for at least 5 years, that the Steelers will NEVER win another SB until Tomlin is gone. He has No Instinct for the game.

  3. After Last night's game it was embarassing to see where the steelers are are mostly going to flop when they get into the playoffs at this rate.

    Seriously? you lost against the BENGALS? and now you have 2 more tough ass teams the colts and BROWNS

  4. As a Steeler fan for decades, I must say this. That game was Pathetic!!!! They should have just stayed in Pittsburg and canceled this game because they didn't show up last night.
    We're a good team, however, Ben either needs glasses, or contacts, and lessons on how to RUN when you see a big azz hole open up on the field. If none of your WR can get free, take off Ben!!!!! That is just elementary. I know he's not a mobil QB, I'm not a cook, but I eat so I cook stuff so I don't starve. Ben get with the program and run once and a while. You've done it before. What are you too old to run Ben? Well if so then you have the option to RETIRE and allow the team to get a running QB.
    Lastly JuJu your my guy, but you need to STOP bragging before the games with your stupid tick tok videos dancing on the logos of the other teams. That's bragging and that will always produce a loser. So STOP WITH THE TIC TOK DANCING MAN!!!!!. Tomlin you got sense tell him to chill with that. Bragg after you win SON…. don't you know anything about being HUMBLE?
    SMH we may have a spot in the SB but that's it a spot. If we keep playing like this, Ben throwing the ball at the ground, then we FOR sure will go home after the first playoff game. Because KC wants to win again and don't forget Tom Brady has stuff to prove, and he personally wants to win 7 rings.
    WAKE UP PITTSBURGH!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!! JUJU FOCUS ON THE GAME DANCE AFTER. As a matter of fact leave ya dang phone in the locket room!!!! EOD
    (End of discussion)

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