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Is Baker Mayfield the worst QB in the AFC North? | Get Up

Rob Ninkovich and Domonique Foxworth rank the quarterbacks in the AFC North, agreeing on the order:
1. Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson
2. Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger
3. Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow
4. Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield
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  1. Im taking big ben 1st…lamar is the better athlete but ben is the better qb… not even close. Lamar is a mediocre passer at best, so far.

  2. This is one of the most absurd things I have ever seen. Joe Burrow hasn’t even played a single nfl game yet. smh

  3. I mean I'm a Bengals fan and this doesn't make sense. I of course have high hopes for Burrow but there's no way you can really compare him with guys who already have actual experience in the NFL. He could turn out to be a bust or he could come out being the best QB in division. I of course hope for the later but we'll have to see when he actually takes a snap for the first time.

  4. This is the worst example media showing bias. Big ben hasn't finished a season since…. and he is old. We haven't even seen burrow yet lol. In the end we can say that its Lamar and a tie for 2nd. No one can say for sure which QB will be perform 2nd best this year. This is just a media hypothetical that leads to some extremely biased opinions…

  5. Idk if we’re talking about right now I’d probably put baker 2nd to Lamar just because of what he’s done in Cleveland and how bad of coaches he’s had yes Ben is a all time great but he also has a all time great coach with him and they did decent without him last year so it’s just iffy with me between them and joe hasn’t played a game yet for all we know he could be the biggest bust or the best of all time but we don’t know till he plays

  6. I'm a huge Burrow fan, think he has a really high ceiling, and will dominate. But come on now he's yet to throw a pass in the league.

  7. Yes Baker is terrible. He gets out performed by Sam Darnold who doesn't even have anything Baker has. He's never going to be at Darnold and PJ Walker's level.

  8. Literally anyway they can they’re trying to frame it as Baker is the worst QB in the league. It’s amazing, dude is in his 3rd year. He tied the rookie record for touchdowns without even starting the first 4 weeks. Let’s all calm down before we start burying the guy.

  9. as a ravens fan he’s probably the 2nd best QB in the north Joe burrow hasn’t done anything yet and Big Ben just came back no guarantee he’s still the same big ben Baker had one bad season and still time to prove himself

  10. Bruh, did he just say that Baker needs to show him more than the guy who has not showed anything?

  11. How does a guy with obj, Jarvis Landry, Rashard Higgins, and maybe not the best tight end but a useful one not do anything ? I don’t understand?

  12. He has 2 all pro WRs AND 2 all pro RBs. A good to maybe all pro TE. Cmon stop makint excuses. 15 to 20 orher(if not more) would have feasted with that.

  13. "When he plays a hard the Patriots"…says the guy with a signed Patriots poster behind him.

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