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NFL NEWS 2020: AFC NORTH ROUND UP: CINCINNATI BENGALS--In this episode we review The 2020 roster for the Bengals and talk about where we think they will end up in the AFC North.


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  1. Couple things. I'm sad you didn't mention Tyler Boyd as one of Burrow's weapons as he's a great safety blanket for him and potentionally the best slot receiver in the AFCN. Surprisingly a pick to look out for was 7th Round LB Markus Bailey. Apparently he has 2nd/3rd round tape but fell massively because of injury concerns. If he stays healthy they could've hit nicely for a round 7 pick. Idk that Burrow will surpass 3,400 yards but I think he finishes around that.

  2. I know there’s talk of Antonio brown and all that, but if Baltimore was willing to take A.J. Green on a three he deal…. I think that’s the guy you target for Lamar. Pair him with Hollywood. Unless Boykin really shows out on the offense this year. And A.J. stays healthy. I think he will be affordable, and the ravens will have the cap to afford him if the Earl Thomas situation gets out of hand and they extend long term contracts to Marlon Ronnie or Judon. Would love to see a raven killer on this team

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