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Mel Kiper goes to bat for the Cincinnati Bengals against Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman get into a heated debate with Mel Kiper Jr. after saying he is confident in the Cincinnati Bengals' success with QB Joe Burrow.
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  1. God love Stephen A Smith! As a Bengals he talking about the root of the problem Mel is right too the Bengals can develop a QB but will Mikey cut corners this time and learn or is he going to duct tape and glue everything to have it come apart in the end things to look forward to or not look forward to lol.

  2. Thanks Mel from WhoDey nation Joe and company will prove you right maybe not year one but they are trending up and Burrows is coming to a field near you!(Hopefully sooner rather than later)

  3. U can say what U want about the bengals, the reason they make the playoffs is cuz they draft good players, reason they never win a game is cuz they don’t spend a lot or keep all the good players

  4. Bengals may have been cheep in the past, but they're 3rd this year in money spent in free agency. Stephen A probably doesn't know that.

  5. Bengals need Joe to come in and be a leader something the Bengals have been lacking.teams that are great have quarterbacks who motivate and lead fearlessly

  6. Didn't Carson Palmer advise Burrow NOT to go to the Bengals if he could avoid it? Didn't he say it was the worst run franchise in the NFL? Didn't he say the Bengals have the worst culture in the league? Or am I thinking of another Bengals QB?

  7. Bengals have literally done nothing to help Andy dalton or try to win. Cheapest , worst front office in sports and it’s not close

  8. I'm no Bengals fan but the bashing of them is ridiculous. They haven't been the browns, bills (until last year) dolphins, raiders etc. Plus they were hurt last year. We'll see what Joe B can do but Joe mixon, Aj Green, Tyler boyd plus Tee Higgins. That offense should be lit with a healthy line and skill players.

  9. Serious question … has Kiper ever been right about a sleeper pick? I know he's bollixed up a lot of picks over the years (hyping eventual busts) … but, has he ever picked a dark horse who went on to become a star? I can't think of one.

  10. How I hear this:
    "the bengals aren't the worst organization in football"
    "I never said that"
    "you said it would be the worst place for Joe to go?"
    "it is the worst place for him to go"

  11. I don't know if they are the "worst organization in the NFL". I do think Joe Burrow will be either out of the league or backing up somewhere else within 5 years.

  12. I agree with mel , bengals have had some stuff breaks ,but a lot of it was on them self inflicted.

  13. Stephan just yells when Kiper be stating facts. Not sure why this is a discussion, wayyyyyy worse teams in the NFL

  14. Stevie (you black man wannabe) enough with the Bengals!!! The draft is over. Stick to basketball, that is ALL you know. And quit using words you truly don't know. You sound pathetic and ignorant.

  15. Bro say what you want about the Bengals but we have lost the lead every time we gained it due to interceptions. Take that away and we win alot more games

  16. The bengals are historically cheap and under Marvin Lewis has discipline issues both correct but this free agency the spent the 3rd most around 160mil and last year under Taylor were the least penalized team in the league I believe so this just seems like unnecessary hate

  17. I actually agree with both. SAS is right, Mike Brown is cheap and only wants to rake in cash. They do have a culture problem because Mike won't commit the resources necessary to win it all. But Mel is right, the Bengals have had regular season success and success with QB's.

  18. Stephen A the biggest retard. Acting like he's not a Knicks fans the worst franchise in basketball right now

  19. where does that big mouthed blowhard stephen a get the Mike Brown is cheap…even when the facts are that they have been top half in spending EVERY year since 2003, was he outside Paul Brown stadium panhandling for crack money and Brown didn't give him any. I would gladly accept the legal ramifications for the chance to break his jaw and shut him up

  20. Coming from a ravens fan, the Bengals will be competitive within this division. The afc north is gonna be exciting next season.

  21. Mel Kiper is an absolute idiot the Bengals had a horrible draft they didn't get there most important need which was Offensive Line and now Joe Burrow is gonna get Sacked 100 Times this season.

  22. Mel is an expert in watching NFL film all year, SAS is an expert in watching hilights and having completely wrong takes all year.. I’m going with Mel on this one

  23. The Dolphins are a worse organization than the Bengals are. Miami has not been to a Super Bowl since 1984. Has been through at least 20 QBs since Marino. Has only 1 winning season since 2008. Last playoff victory coming in 2000. NONE of their 2016 2017 and 2018 1st round picks are on that team anymore. You can argue that Miami is a worse football organization than Cincinnati is.

  24. The Dolphins are a "bottom quarter" franchise along with the Bengals, Browns, Jags and Lions.

  25. Bengals could have won it all then palmer tore his knee, could have gone far in the playoffs then dalton goes down and then burfict and pacman go dumb. We had the teams to go far just had alot of bad breaks. Round 3 coming soon.

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