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The Bengals LAY THE FOUNDATION with a solid draft class | 2020 NFL Draft Recap | CBS Sports HQ

The Bengals made it official on Thursday, selecting Joe Burrow to be the new face of the franchise at the quarterback position. They followed that up by finding him his long-term No. 1 wide receiver and grabbing one of the best coverage linebackers for the defense.


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  1. Good to see the Bengals Upgrade.
    Longtime losing streak can be Broken. I'm looking forward to seeing Underdog Teams get Some Great players and make the playoffs at least. Need new competition.

  2. Kiss&Tell their now, if they give Joe Burrow the kind of weapons he needs they will win a super bowl this year. That boy is a die hard killer with weapons.
    Don't do him like they do JaMarcus Russell draft him
    #1 over all and put him behind
    Guys who needs to retire yesterday. Give him a offensive line with young men like him and see.

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